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                                 has been a video creator in Winchester, Virginia since 2017.  He originally began filming his mountain bike rides with his first camera - a GoPro.
Since then, he gravitated towards expanding his knowledge in film making, editing, and sound design.  Shortly after, he began filming real estate videos. In addition to real estate, 
Joesph is filming weddings, interviews, and local business commercials; with many appearing on television.

Joseph Paul 

Why Hire Joesph Paul Media?

Businesses - we strive to create films that help businesses capture their audiences' attention by producing videos with excellent detail, music, sound in order to showcase their vision. 

Weddings - on your special day, we will do everything we can to create a film that tells your wedding day story. We focus on paying attention to you the bride, your bridal party, the guests, the venue, and little details to make it personalized to you and your groom. 

Real Estate - here we don't do the typical slide show with music in the background. We produce and immersive experience of actual cinematic video tours. Potential buyers will feel as though they are touring the house and property in person with immaculate lighting to showcase the home.  

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